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Colorado wedding photographer

Barton Glasser

Colorado Wedding Photographer

My career in photography began as a newspaper photojournalist working in newsrooms both large and small. As I transitioned from being a staffer to an independent photographer, my work also transitioned to be more commercial in nature. In the process, I learned how to shoot architecture, take professional portraits, and photograph products. As it turned out, weddings became one of my favorite things to photograph.

Photographing a wedding, at least for me, is the perfect opportunity to bring all of those styles and genres of photography together to create a unique artistic vision. Not to mention, weddings are a ton of fun!

I have lived and worked all over the country, but I will always call Western Colorado home. When I am not out taking pictures, I can usually be found sliding down a snow-covered slope, floating down a river or tromping through the trees and rocks.

My Philosophy

Ouray Colorado Wedding Photography

Weddings are about relationships. Even more than the dress, the flowers or the cake, it is the person you are marrying, the friends and family around you, and WHY you are celebrating your wedding day that is most important.

As your wedding photographer, I will get all of the shots that you expect. I will also look beyond that for all of those special moments that make your wedding unique. I will capture the nervous anticipation that builds as you prepare to make your big entrance. I will photograph the tears that well in your parents’ eyes when you recite your vows. And I will preserve all of the joy and laughter that comes when your best friend makes their heartfelt, but slightly embarrassing, toast.

Whether you are looking back on your wedding photos six weeks, six months or sixty years from now, you will feel just as overjoyed as you did on your big day.